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The Cuisine

NiNo’s cooking represents Tuscan traditions naturalised in Rome:  the Tuscan specialties (steak, salted cod) blend with exquisite harmony with those of a typical Roman cuisine (artichokes, suckling lamb).

Seasonal dishes alternate alongside many specialities served all year long. The various vegetable dishes (ribollita, spinach flan, Roman artichokes, zucchini timbale) are no less flavoursome than the meat dishes (ascè, Florentine T-bone steak, rib-eye steak in a spicy sauce) renowned among the most demanding gourmet clientele.

NiNo’s cuisine is both reassuring and exciting given its simplicity along with the superior quality and freshness of the raw materials.

The years – or rather the decades! – of experience have not led the owners to rest on their laurels with a certain laziness of repetition, but has boosted an intelligent awareness that continuous improvement is almost a daily duty.

Every morning at 9 a.m. – after the delivery and the selection of the raw materials – the orchestral work of cleaning vegetables, preparing fresh pasta, cutting meat, and cooking sauces commences.

We beg our clientele not to ask for dishes that are not on the menu!


Restaurant Staff

All NiNo’s waiters are friendly and professional, with the special skill of making all clientele feel welcome, whether regular guests or those visiting for the very first time.

When they opened the restaurant, Nino and Mario hired youngsters from Castelfranco, their village of origin in the Valdarno area, to work as waiters and form a close-knit team of Tuscan thoroughbreds.

Even though only a few people now speak the Tuscan dialect, the same harmony, the same sense of belonging and the same unique empathy with the clientele continues to remain.


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Porcini and Caesar mushroom platter

Preparing the Egg Pasta Rolls (Cannelloni)